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Our Mission

You know the size of your pants, you know the collor of your shirt, but do you know the whole story? Let us show you!

Our mission is to show the story of the people behind your clothes. We want to give you the opportunity to meet the person who made it possible for you to walk around in that perfect outfit. By connecting the consumer with the dedicated worker, we let you see the true costs of your clothes, so you will appreciate your outfit even more!


“Something that is your job or duty to deal with”

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“When others can see for themselves the truths they feel they need to know”

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“Focusing on the good aspects of a situation in order to achieve your goals “

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How it works

Choose Product

Pick the piece of clothing that you like the most and look for the label.

Scan Label

Scan the “Tailored-by label” with your phone or fill it in on your computer at home.

See the Story

Get all the information you need to know about the clothes you picked and see the story.


Be amazed by the road that your piece of clothing has followed in order to get to you.

Get started

Do you share the same vision and do you want to support our cause?

Do not hesitate and get involved! We are always looking for enthusiastic ambassadors and partners.


Everyone can become an ambassador and spread the word. as an ambassador you will…

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